Links / Gwefannau

Dyma rai o'm hoff wefannau sy'n cynnwys, yn eu plith, gwaith ffotgraffwyr rwyf' yn eu hadnabod ac yn edmygu.

Here are some of my favourite web sites, containing, in some instances, the work of photographers who I know and admire
Shaun Walby Photography
High places, sunsets and first light typify this gifted photographer's work from locations within and around our national parks.
Alex Scott Photography
Inspirational landscape photography from around Britain by Scottish photographer, Alex Scott.
David Langan Photography
The wonderful scenery of Scotland through the lens and eyes of David Langan.
A View of the UK - Paul Iddon Photography
looking for the unexpected, the unusual camera angle or simply stunning macro images? Look no further than Preston photographer Paul Iddon's creative photography.
Andy Lea Landscape Images
The wonderful images of north Lancashire based photographer, Andy Lea.
Stunning images by Welsh photographer, Rob Lloyd. Rob's images have rightly gained him international renown and one of his many international acceptances currently fronts the RPS membership and recruitment material.
Canon Fodder Forums
Everything for the photographer using Canon equipment. View images, receive feedback on your own work and learn more about equipment, technique and events from fellow Canon users.
Wildlife Photography across the Water
A blog and invaluable source of information by two outstanding wildlife photographers: Martin Dyer and David Courtenay. Not to be missed!
Landscape Photography by Stuart Billington
Stuart Billington's images gracefully capture the beauty of his home near the Hampshire - Dorset borderlands.
Light in the Landscape
Images by Hadrian Frankland. Hadrian has a passion for the wild, remote areas still to be found in these isles - a passion clearly visible in his striking photography.